In 2013 this project began to be considered impromptu, yesterday afternoon the concept meeting with Artist and today the shooting, starting at 6 in the morning we were on standby at Jl. Asia Africa, during the day at the new market, dago and ended in the monument of Bandung struggle, assisted by 4 teams. the concept is simple, it wants to show its Bandung character.

The production project that the deal isn't big but I'm interested in the collaboration system, which is the edit of our official online video that we hold. so I tried uploading it on youtube and thank God there is no lawsuit from anywhere, until now the number of viewers is around 698,085, it's quite good to ride the hourly rating up to 2015 and get a compensation of money in the form of Check to the house from Youtube. then try being converted to a valid bank, Citibank Indonesia.
I hope my work and the team can inspire all of you
thank you
always healthy and successful

tonny. januardi
if you have questions or collaborate on projects, 
please contact me, 
thank you
Thank you!

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